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Understanding stigma surrounding the condition

5th October 2017

Lauren Stovell, Manager of Orbis says ‘We have worked with charities including Bipolar UK to widen the understanding of mental health conditions in the insurance industry. We have created a unique question set which better assesses a client’s condition with the view to offering a bespoke policy for our customers. It has often been documented that insurers do not have an understanding of mental health conditions and therefore use a blanket model to assess cases and many of the questions are not applicable to the individual’s condition’. Active Minds aims to change the way the insurance market views mental health conditions and pave the way for over 10 million people, who are affected by this condition to obtain reasonable terms without being penalised.

Dean Windass says ‘Having suffered from a mental health condition in the past I understand that the stigma surrounding the condition is often unjust. My profession takes me around the world and I don’t feel that my previous conditions should have a detrimental effect on my ability to travel.’

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