Orbis was established in 2005 to provide
Life Assurance, Travel Insurance and Financial Products
for people with “impaired lives”.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

By the 1990’s it had become widely recognised that people with disabilities were facing discrimination. However, there was no legislation protecting their rights as there was for race and sex. Disabled people began a vigorous campaign for anti-discrimination legislation. Their voices were listened to and inspired the current laws.

Although the Act was passed in 1995, disability rights campaigners find the present Disability Discrimination Act flawed and inadequate in scope. In 1995 the Disability Rights Task Force recommended numerous changes which the Government are currently considering.

DDA... How it impacts on insurance

Insurance comes within the goods and services provisions in part III of the Disability Discrimination Act. There is a need for insurers to be allowed to distinguish between individuals when they are carrying out their “risk assessment”. However, it is up to the insurer to prove that there is an additional risk associated with a disabled person arising from their disability. The Disability Discrimination Act Code of Practice states that the blanket assumptions should be avoided. The Association of British Insurers has issued its own Guide to the DDA for life and travel insurers, which makes the same point.

We try to help as many people as possible

Orbis Insurance Services Ltd is a private company and is not endorsed by any organisation. It has, however, worked closely with the “Office of the Deputy Prime Minister” to create a range of insurance products for people who have difficulty obtaining cover. These include Term Assurance and Travel Insurance for people with “impaired lives” and whilst they cannot guarantee to cover everybody, they will look sympathetically at every risk.

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