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Orbis Insurance Services are a specialist insurance provider for people with medical conditions and their families. We assess all cases on an individual basis and do not automatically decline anyone. Benefits include:

No upper age limit on single or annual policies

Unlimited single trip duration

Mental Health Specialists - unique application process

Hazardous occupations/pursuits

Backpacker insurance

Our extensive range of products means that we will have the policy to suit you!

For a no obligation quotation please click on the relevant tab or contact a member of our team on: 01274 518 393.

  • Travel Insurance

    When arranging a holiday, insurance is sometimes perceived as a necessary evil. Find Out More.....
  • Life Insurance

    Orbis have negotiated specialist rates with our insurers so that we are able to provide the majority with a comprehensive insurance policy. Find Out More.....
  • Backpackers Insurance

    Orbis are able to provide Backpacker Insurance. Find Out More.....
  • Livability Insurance Services

    Specialist insurance products for disabled individuals. Find Out More.....
  • Heart Insurance Services

    HIS was developed in 2010 for people who have suffered heart conditions and their families. Find Out More.....

Did you know?

If you are travelling abroad it is essential that you declare your medical conditions past or present. In addition it is also necessary for you to declare the conditions of a travelling companion or non-travelling relative to ensure that you have a comprehensive policy in case you need to cancel or curtail your trip.
Many people are unaware of the necessity to declare details of non-travellers if they have a pre-existing medical condition. Orbis have a team of experts on hand to obtain the correct information from you to ensure that you are covered for any eventuality.


We advise that all our clients have an EHIC card with them when travelling abroad however, this does not replace the need for insurance.

Consider this...

If you have an accident abroad and do not have travel insurance and you miss your flight home, who would pay for this?


You! It is a common misconception that the EHIC card will provide comprehensive cover and you therefore do not need travel insurance. The EHIC card will only cover you for emergency medical expenses. It does not provide additional accommodation, travel to and from the hospital or missed flights.

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